About Little Britches

Little Britches Therapeutic Riding Program is designed to expand and improve the physical and emotional well being of individuals with special needs through the use of horses and ponies. We facilitate sensory integration and the development of self esteem, physical strength, and mental well being.

We currently serve over 80 riders per week. Our riders have various disabilities including but not limited to autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, progressive developmental delay, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other processing delays. We provide recreation for a lifetime!

Board of Directors

President – Janie Larson
Vice President – Stuart Daly
Secretary/Acting Treasurer – Louise Scotti
Laura Bradshaw
Mari-Carol Britt
Cherri Crossley
Jane Donn
Laura Heaven
Melissa Johnson
Arthur Szepesi
Karen Wilson

Advisory Board

Mary Daly
Susan Jordan
Susan Sieber
Paola Styron


Jan Arnold – Physical Therapist
Emily Ciesielski – Instructor
Stuart Daly – Instructor
Alice Daly – Executive Director /Instructor
Andrew Chin – Physical Therapist
Gabrielle Heaven – Occupational Therapist
Liz Jaffin – Occupational Therapist
Katie Gilmore – Driving Instructor
Danielle Lucarelli – Occupational Therapist
Annalise Nakoneczny – Comm. & Fundraising Coordinator
Patty Myer – Administrative Assistant
Samantha Sola – Instructor/Exercise Rider